I feel profoundly grateful when I recreate the music that resounds deeply inside of me, into sound, song. It is always a blessed moment for me to enter this blissfull space with others, this peaceful place of being at home."

Addis Miriam Buchanan



Her voice touches - she draws from the depths and transmits clarity and soul in word and sound
Addis is a songwriter and singer for mantras and world music. As a citizen of the earth with German and Jamaican roots, she has been playing concerts, writing poetry and composing since her childhood.
Concerts with Addis are unique, heart-opening experiences!
Her songs carry spirit and calmness, bringing things in flow and the listeners to themselves.Opening spaces for the here and now. Awakening and soothing at once.
As curative teacher (focus on art therapy), drum dancer and trance dance presenter, Addis creates mindful and lively spaces for self-expression, culture and spirituality.
Addis just released her new album "Mantra"- A new spirited, creative world-music album to sing, move and contemplate!



About the Album
Album "Mantra"
Personal song composition
Your Song




ilence is the base for Addis` music, which she creates with her voice, drums, monochord, lithophone, harmonium and other beautiful supportive instruments.

Addis offers Mantrasinging in Freiburg. You can check out the Yogaschool YUYOGA here.


Time: 20.00 - 22.00 Uhr | Price: 15 €


November 2020


17.11. Mantrasingen online aus Addis' Wohnzimmer (ZOOM) | 19:00 - 20:00 | auf Spendenbasis |Anmelden und Zoom Link erhalten

24.11. Mantrasingen online aus Addis' Wohnzimmer (ZOOM) | 19:00 - 20:00 | auf Spendenbasis |Anmelden und Zoom Link erhalten


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