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Your song

Here' s the current special offer for 2021:

YOUR MANTRA for Babys 350€ instead of 450€
I write a Mantra for a baby and record it for you.

You will get the song produced and sent to you in a digital version (MP3)




Personal song composition

"Your Song"
I compose and sing "Your song"

For a birthday, for a wedding, for birth or as a last honour.
But also for a work of art or a whole vernissage.
Or just like that - as a life song for yourself or a special person.
For your song I become a storyteller in the form of poetry & music.
With or without words.
In German, English or as mantra in Sanskrit.
Whether dreamy, light, profound or humorous - a life song carries the color of the recipient and is completely individual.

My approach is devotion and empathy with the person, the work of art.
With presence & appreciation songs full of connectedness and power are created.


"I feel deeply touched, recognized and lovingly guided by the life song that Addis has composed for me. My wish was a song that would bring me orientation, stability, strength and joy of life in the turbulences and uncertainties of life. And this song does exactly that in a miraculous way. Both text and melody are in harmony with my being and when Addis sang it to me for the first time, I knew from the very first sounds: that's exactly what it is - my life song. Bull's eye - simply magical! "

Review by Sandra H.  




Choose the style:
a powerful, harmonizing mantra, a pop or singer-songwriter song,
 a mixture of styles, e.g. English / German verses and the chorus a mantra
  something african (basic) / world music / fantasy language / humming...

...accompanied by guitar, piano, monochord, shrutibox, harmonium or stoneophone...
Please let me know your wishes.... Or let me surprise you!

If you would like to give a life song as a present, we will talk in advance about what makes this person special, what gives him/her strength or what you wish for him/her.

On special request, I will let the astrology or the human design of the song recipient flow into the composition.


Song package "Five Stars"  700€

Song composition "YOUR SONG" + Solo live or video performance with mini-concert + Sound recording with standard music production in the studio

Package "Shooting Star" 600€
No matter where you live in this world - I write "Your Song" for you.
You will get the song produced and sent to you in a digital version (MP3)


Song package "Your Mantra"  450€

 I write "Your Mantra" for you. It can be a simple affirmative personal sentence or a sanskrit mantra.
You will get the song produced and sent to you in a digital version (MP3)

  I am looking forward to your request to!

Addis Miriam Buchanan


Sound recording, mixing and mastering: Thilo 'Silenta' Perach from Stellar Music



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